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Department of Complexity Science and Engineering(in Japanese)

Morishita Lab. (collaboration laboratry)

This laboratory was established in October 1998. It also belongs to the Graduate School of Frontier Science
(Department of Complexity Science and Engineering) starting from April 1999.

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--- Contents of Research ---

` Photorealism Image Generation `
Lighting effect is very important in photorealism image generation. Therefore, we developed shading models for a variety kind of light sources. Our prior research results are shadow (umbra and penumbra) generation algorithm and radiosity method.

` Natural Phenomena `
We developed a method for image composition between CG images and photographs. We also interested in visualization of natural phenomena such as water, sky, cloud, and smoke. By considering the scattering charasteristic of the particles, we can generate a photorealism natural phenomena images.

` Shape Processing and Application `
We developed the Bezier Clipping method for ray tracing curved surfaces. This method is very effective for determining the root of a polynomial equation. By using this method, we can display curved surfaces (hidden line removal, hidden surface removal) without performing polygonization. Moreover, we applied this method for lighting calculation when the light sources are cylindrical light sources or curved surface light sources. Also by using the Bezier Clipping method, it is possible to calculate the interreflection of light between curved surfaces.


Kashiwa (Main)
Hongo (Co-Main)
Nishita Lab, Kiban Bldg.
The University of Tokyo
5-1-5 Kashiwa-no-Ha, Kashiwa-shi
Chiba, 277-8561, Japan

Nishita Lab, Sci. #7 Bldg.
The University of Tokyo
7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku
Tokyo, 113-0033, Japan


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