Someple Images from Some of My Papers (3/4)

38 images from our old papers (1972 - 1990)

Building lit by sky light


Water Color

from CG&CAD '91 (Abstract)

Surface/surface Intersection

CAGD 1991  (abstract)

Visual Simulation of Outdoor Scene under Various Atmospheric Conditions

CGI 1990  (abstract)

Local raytracing

from J. of Inf. Processing 1986

Point light source with luminous intensity distribution and spot light


Point Light Sources with Luminous Distribution Curves

ACM Trans. on Graphics 1985  (abstract), (other images)

Linear Light Sources

Art Show of SIGGRAPH'82: The first image including soft shadows
my photo at Art Show with Dr. Nakamae

Back cover for Proceedings of SIGGRAPH

SIGGRAPH'81 : The first images including spot lights

Area/Cylindrical Light Sources


Shadow Duration

Symposium on The Use of C EERB 1983

Our First Animation (16mm film)


Hidden Surface Removal (shadows) for Convex Polyhedra

1974  (abstract)

Hidden Line Elimination for Convex Polyhedra

1972  (abstract)

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