Sample Images from Our Papers (2)

t-pot collection
256 images (1991-2015)

An Error Estimation Framework for Many-Light Rendering

from PG 2016  (abstract)

Multiple Scattering Approximation in Heterogeneous Media

from PG 2016  (abstract)

An Efficient Hybrid Incompressible SPH Solver with Interface Handling for Boundary Conditions

from PG 2016  (abstract)

Implicit Formulation for SPH-based Viscous Fluids

from EG 2015  (abstract)

Volume preserving viscoelastic fluids with large deformations using position-based velocity corrections

from TVC 2014  (abstract)

Visual Simulation of Glazed Frost Taking into Accoun Supercooled State

from IEVC 2014  (abstract)

A Velocity Correcting Method for Volume Preserving Viscoelastic Fluids

from CGI 2014  (abstract)

viscous fluids with elasticity and thermal conductivity using position-based dynamics

from C & G 2014

Visual Simulation of Compressible Snow with Friction and Cohesion

from NICOGRAPH 2014  

Interactive Cloth Rendering of Microcylinder Appearance Model under Environment Lighting

from EG 2014  (abstract)

Method of Divide-and-conquer Ray-tracing using Ray Sampling

from IPSJ 2014  (abstract),

Magnetic Fluids Using Dynamic Displacement Mapping

from IEVC 2013  (abstract),

Progressive Photon Beams with Adaptive Free Path Sampling

from NICO12 2012  (abstract),

Bubbles in Carbonated Water

from NICOGRAPH 2012  (abstract),

Water Droplets on a Hydrophobic Windshield

from WSCG 2012  (abstract),

Pixel Art with Refracted Light by Rearrangeable Sticks

from EG 2012  (abstract),

Real-time Rendering of Dynamic Scenes under All-frequency Lighting using Integral Spherical Gaussian

from EG 2012  (abstract),

Visual Simulation of Magnetic Fluids

from GRAPP2012  (abstract),

Twisting, Tearing and Flicking Effects in String Animations

from MIG2011  (abstract),

Motion Deblurring from a Single Image using Circular Sensor Motion

from PG 2011  (abstract),

Toward Optimal Space Partitioning for Unbiased, Adaptive Free Path Sampling of Inhomogeneous Participating Media

from PG 2011  (abstract),

Modeling of Aurora Borealis Using the Observed Data

from SCCG2011  (abstract),

Optimization of Distortions in Wide-Angle Images

from SCCG2011  (abstract),

Chain Shape Matching for Simulating Complex Hairstyles

from CGF 2010  (abstract),

An Eyeglass Simulator Using Conoid Tracing

from CGF 2010  (abstract),

Interactive Lighting and Material Design

from CW2010  (abstract),

Glare Effect Aplication to Headramp Design Verification

from IEEJ  (abstract),

Interactive Image Composition through Draggable Objects

from IEEJ  (abstract),

Solar Photosphere Based on Magnetrohydrodynamics

from IEEJ  (abstract),

Fast Particle-based Visual Simulation of Ice Melting

from CGF (or PG2010)  (abstract), 1st authors's page

Curling and clumping fur represented by texture layers

dry fur -----> wet fur --- detail of wet fur
from TVC (or CGI2010)  (abstract), 1st authors's page

Mixed-motion Avalanches with Interactions Between Snow Layers

from TVC (or CGI2010)  (abstract), 2nd authors's page

Interior Scenes with Dynamic Environment Illumination

from @CGF 09  (abstract)

Simulation of Tearing Cloth with Frayed Edges

from @CGF 09  (abstract)

Reflectance and Transmittance Distribution of Scattering Materials

-> .
from @The Journal of IIEEJ09  (abstract)

Shape Control of Destroyed Objects in Destruction Simulation

from IEEJ 09  (abstract), (animation)

Translucent Materials with Plane-parallel Solution

from IPSJ 09  (abstract)

Deformation/fracturing using adaptive shape matching

from CASA2009  (abstract), (animation)

Simulating Destruction and Generated Dust/Debris

from TVC2009  (abstract),


from GRPP2009  (abstract),

Interactive Region Matching for 2D Animation Coloring

from IEICE 2009  (abstract)

Real-time Animation of Sand-Water Interaction

from PG2008  (abstract), (animation)

Autostereograms Taking into Account Object Colors

from CW2008  (abstract),

REAL-TIME Reflection/Refraction on a Per-Vertex Basis

from IIEEJ2008  (abstract),

Virtual Painting Knife

from TVC2008  (abstract), (animation)

GPU-based Fast Ray Casting for Metaballs

from EUROGRAPHICS 2008,  (abstract), (animation)

Fluid Simulation Using Overlapping Grids

from EUROGRAPHICS 2008,  (abstract), (animation) (Click here to see movies)

GPU-based rendering of point-sampled water surfaces

from TVC 2008,  (abstract),

Interactive Lighting Design using Light Paths Precomputation

from PG2007  (abstract), (animation)

Digital Refocusing from a Single Photograph

input image ---> refocused image(middle) -> refocused image(far)

input image --> refocused -- refference, input -> refocused
from PG2007  (abstract), (animation)

Particle-based Simulation on Surface Flow

from ITE2007  (abstract), (animation)

Interactive Simulation of the Human Eye Depth of Field and Its Correction with Spectacle Lenses

from EG2007  (abstract), (animation)

Skinning Method using Normal Map Interpolation

from IEEI2007  (abstract),

Up-Sampling Method for Filling Holes on Point-sampled Surfaces

from IEEI2007  (abstract),

PRT for Dynamic Scenes Taking into Account Light Interreflection

from EGSR2007  (abstract),(animation)

Fast Rendering Method for Clouds Illuminated by Lightning

from TVC2007  (abstract), (animation)

Anti-Aliased and Real-Time Rendering with Light Scattering

from TVC2007  (abstract),(animation)

Intuitive Path-based Camera Control for Dynamic Scenes

from nicograph2007  (abstract),(animation)

Real-time Haptic Interaction with Water

from VRST2006  (abstract),(animation)

Rendering Algorithm Using Adaptive Shadow Fields

from The Visual Computing (2006)  (abstract),(animation)

Environment Lights for All- Frequency Relighting

from IEICE (2006)  (abstract),(animation)

Animation of Earth-scale Clouds

from CASA2006  (abstract),(animation)

Real-time Rendering of Particle-based Fluid Simulation

from CGI2006(2006)  (abstract)  (more images)  (animation)

Point-based Rendering of Water Surfaces with Splashes

from NICOGRAPH International2006  (abstract)  (animation)

A Fast Rendering of Shafts of Light in Outdoor Scene

from NICOGRAPH International2006  (abstract)

Progressive 3D Animated Models for Mobile & Web Uses

from J. of the society for Art and Science(2005)  (abstract)

Deferred Shadowing for Real-Time Rendering of Dynamic Scenes Under Environment Illumination

from Computer Animation and Virtual Warld (2005)  (abstract)  (animation)

A Fast Rendering Technique of Transparent Objects and Causticsn

from Proc. CASA2005  (abstract)  (animation)

Character Animation Creation using Hand-drawn Sketches

input (hand-drawn)    ---->    output (3D model)
from The Visual Computing (2005)  (abstract)  (animation)

Colored Pencil Style Images

from CGI05  (abstract)

Fast Rendering of Caustics from Refraction by Transparent Objects

from J. of IEICE(2005)  (abstract)

Visual Simulation of Spreading Fire

from NicographInternational2005  (abstract)

Caustics Arising from Refraction by Transparent Objects

from CW2004  (abstract)

Stroke-Based Artistic Images

from J. of IIEEJ (2004)  (abstract)

Watercolor Style Images

from J. of artsci (2004)  (abstract)

3D Character Model Creation from Cel Animation

original --> add shadows --> add texture
from CW2004  (abstract)

Bumpmap Shadows Taking Account of Surface Curvature

from CW2004  (abstract)

Radiosity for Point-Sampled Geometry

from Pacific Graphics 2004  (abstract)
Click here to see movies. (co-authored by Dobashi)

Image Magnification

x4=> x8=>
from Pacific Graphics 2004  (abstract)

Glare Generation Based on Wave Optics

from Pacific Graphics 2004  (abstract)  (movies)

Real-time Rendering of Vortex Sound

from EUROGRAPHICS 2004   (abstract)
Click here or above images to see movies. The movies contain audio. (co-authored by Dobashi)

Clouds Using Shadow-View Slices

from CGIM 2004  (abstract)

Cloud Simulation Using Adaptive Grid Method

from IIEEJ (2004)  (abstract)

Spattering Granular Material

from Journal of ieej (2004)  (abstract)  (movies)

Real-time Rendering of Sky with Multiple Scattering

from Journal of ieej (2004)  (abstract)  

Real-time Rendering of Soap Bubbles with Light Interference

from CGI 2004  (abstract)   (description)   (movies)

Virtual Sandbox

from Pasific Graphics 2003  (abstract)  

Volcanic Clouds as a Two Fluids Model

from Pasific Graphics 2003  (abstract)  

Animating Hair with Loosely Connected Particles

from Computer Graphics Forum 2003  (abstract)   (movies)

Refractive and Reflective Caustics Due to Water Surfacecs

from Computer Graphics Forum 2003  (abstract)

A Real-Time Glare Rendering Technique

from IIEEJ 2003  (abstract)   (movies)

Displaying Marks on Soft Grounds Created by Objects

from IIEEJ 2003  (abstract)  (images,movies)

Various Styles of Animations Using Example-Based Filtering

from CGI2003  (abstract)  (images,movies)

Mesh Simplification for Web Graphics

from CGI2003  (abstract)

Sea Surfaces Taking into Account Multiple Scattering

from VG2003  (abstract)   (images,movies)

Volcanic Smoke Animation using CML

from ICS2002  (abstract)

3D Model Deformation along a Parametric Surface,

from IASTED2002  (abstract)

Lighting Design Using Chaotic Neural Network

from Journal of the Systems Research Institute Polish Academy of Sciences   (abstract)

Image Mosacing Using Voronoi Diagrams

from EUROGRAPHICS'02 short presentation

Simulation of Cumuliform Clouds Based on CFD

from EUROGRAPHICS'02 short presentation

Interactive Rendering of Atmospheric Effects

from HW'02 (Animation), (pdf)

Modeling Wrinkles on Human Skin

from PG2002   (Abstract)

Adaptive Solid Texturing for Web Graphics

from PG'02

B-spline Free-Form Deformation

=> =>
from TVC'02 (Abstract),

Clouds based on Atmospheric Fluid Dynamics

from PG'01 (Abstract), (Animation)

Optical Effects within Water Using Graphics Hardware

from PG'01 (Abstract) , (Animation)

Lightning Taking into Account Scattering Effects

from PG'01 (abstract), (Animation) other images

Pen & Ink

from CADGraphics2001 (Abstract) , (Animation)
other images

Shape Interpolation

from PG'00 (Abstract) , (Animation)

Dunes with wind-ripples

from PG'00 (Abstract) , (Animation)


from PG'00 (Abstract) , (Animation)

Shaft of Light

from PG'00 (Abstract) , (Animation)

Rendering Curved Tubular Objects

from PG'99 (Abstract)

MetaBall Body for Dress Simulation

from ShapeModeling'99 (Abstract)

Conversion from polygonal data to metaball data

==> ==>
polygon = = = > metballs = = = > deformaton
from SeniGakkai(98) (Abstract)

Clouds Generated from Satellite Images

from Pacific Graphics'98 (Abstract) by Dobashi

Snow with multiple scattering

from EURGRAPHICS'97 (Abstract)

Water Droplet Flow on Curved surfaces

Pacific Graphics 1996 (abstract)

Fast Calculation of Sky Light

EUROGRAPHICS 1996 (animation ) (Abstract)

Sky Color with multiple scattering

from Pacific Graphics'96 (Abstract) ( Animation)

Quick Rendering Method using Basis Functions

EUROGRAPHICS 1995 Best Paper Award (Abstract)

Fast Display Method of Sky Color using Basis functions

Pacific Graphics 1995 (J. of V & CA 1997) (Abstract)
Cover page for Visualization and Computer Animation

Skylight for Interior Lighting Design

EUROGRAPHICS 1994 (Abstract)

Metaballs by using Bezier Clipping

from EUROGRAPHICS'94 (Abstract) , animation(Shockwave)

Radiosity for Curved Surfaces

from EUROGRAPHICS'93 (Abstract)


from Pacific Graphics'93 (Abstract), (Animation)>

Brush Stroke using Bezier Functions

from CGI'93 (Abstract)

Composition 3D Images with Anti-aliasing and Various Shading Effects

IEEE COMPSAC 1993 (abstract)

Outline Font(scan conversion of curved region)

from CAD/CG'92

Cylindrical Light Sources

from CGI'92 (Abstract)

Hidden Curve Elimination of Trimmed Patches

from CGI'92 (Abstract)

ScanLine Algorithm for Trimmed Bezier Patches

from TVC('91) (Abstract)

other images (Sky color, Lighting Design)

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