Computer Animation

Coorpolated with the Electric Machinery Lab. in Hiroshima Univ. and Hokkaido Univ.

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OW(1980-1994) A EeGmp4-file (34MB)

We have made more than 100 animation movies since 1980.( : interesting animation)
Our 8 animation films (1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1990, 1991, 1993) are screened in the Electric Theater in SIGGRAPH.

Image Title/Subjects Movie files
Editing Fluid Animation using Flow Interpolation
mp4-file (140MB)
Fabricating Reflectors for Displaying Multiple Images
mp4-file (160MB)
Example-based Turbulence Style Transfer
mp4-file (160MB)
Feedback Control of Fire Simulation based on CFD
(casa 2017)
mp4-file (?MB)
Multiple Scattering Approximation in Heterogeneous Media
(Pacific Graaphics 2016)
mp4-file (34MB)
Hybrid Incompressible SPH Solver with Interface Handling
(Pacific Graaphics 2016)
mp4-file (262MB)
Collection of our all movies
mp4-file ( sound), mp4-file (53MB),
youtube , mp4-file (81MB;original)
mp4-file (4?M), ytube
Deformation for Fluid Flows Using Vector Potentials
(TVC 2015)
mp4-file (41M)
SPH-based Viscous Fluids
(EG 2015)
mp4-file (110M)
youtube :
Volume preserving viscoelastic fluids with large deformations
(TVC 2014)
mp4-file (22M)
Glazed Frost Taking into Accoun Supercooled State
(IEVC 2014)
mp4-file (58M)
Viscous fluids with elasticity and thermal conductivity
(Computer & Graphics 2014)
mp4-file (39M)
Continuous Surface Generation for Goal-Based Caustics
mp4-file ?? ( M)
Cloth Rendering under Environment Lighting
(Computer Graphics Forum 2014)
mp4-file (5M)

Method for Volume Preserving Viscoelastic Fluids
(Computer Graphics International 2014)
mp4-file (5M)
Visual Simulation of Compressible Snow with Friction
(NICOGRAPH International 2014)
mp4-file (15M)
Interactive Bi-scale Editing of Highly Glossy Materials
(SIGGRAPHasia 2012)
mp4-file (5M)

Wetting Effects in Hair Simulation
(Computer Graphics Forum 2012)
wmv-file (5M)
wmv-file (16M)
wmv-file (3M)

Progressive Photon Beams with Adaptive Free Path Sampling
mp4-file (6M)

Bubbles in Carbonated Water
mpg-file (7M)

Water Droplets on a Hydrophobic Windshield
(WSCG 2012)
wmv-file (13M)
wmv-file (7M)
wmv-file (10M)

Pixel Art with Refracted Light by Rearrangeable Sticks
(EG 2012)
mp4-file (58M)

Dynamic Scenes under All-frequency Lighting
(EG 2012)
mp4-file (5M)
mp4-file (32M)

Simulation of Magnetic Fluids
(GRAPP 2012)
wmv-file (14M)
wmv-file (62M)
wmv-file (31M)
Twisting, Tearing and Flicking Effects in String Animations
(MIG 2011)
mov-file (70M)
mov-file (6M)
mov-file (16M)

Aurora Borealis Using the Observed Data
wmv-file (0.3M)
wmv-file (0.2M)
wmv-file (0.1M)
Solar Photosphere Based on Magnetrohydrodynamics
(IIEEJ 2011)
mp4-file (2.5M)
mp4-file (2.9M)
Chain Shape Matching for Simulating Complex Hairstyles
(CGF 2010)
mp4-file (48M)

Unbiased Stochastic Sampling for Participating Media
mp4-file (41M) ytube

Glare Effect Aplication to Headramp Design
mov-file (5.4M)
mov-file (3.5M)
mov-file (6.4M)
mov-file (3.9M)
Curling and clumping fur
mov-file (47M)
Dynamic Environment Illumination
(PG 2009)
mpeg-file (16M) mpeg-file (10M)
Tearing Cloth with Frayed Edges
(PG 2009)
mpeg-file (40M)
Shape Control of Destroyed Objects
(IEEJ 2009)
mpeg-file (36M)
Deformation/fracturing using adaptive shape matching
(CASA 2009)
mpeg-file (4.7M)
mpeg-file (1.6M)
Destruction and Generated Dust/Debris
(CGI 2009)
mpeg-file (19M)
Inverse Approach to BRDF Modeling
(grapp 09)
mpeg-file (32M)
Extracting Depth and Matte
(SIGasia 2008)
mpeg-file (32M)
Sand-Water Interaction
(PG 2008)
mpeg-file (25M)
(CW 2008)
mpeg-file (23M)
Virtual Painting Knife
(CGI 2008)
mpeg-file (23M)
GPU-based Fast Ray Casting for Metaballs
(EG 2008)
mpeg-file (17M)
Fluid Simulation Using Overlapping Grids
(EG 2008)
mpeg-file (6.6M)
mpeg-file (8.3M)
mpeg-file (4.7M)
Digital Refocusing from a Single Photograph
(PG 2007)
mpeg-file (5.6M)
Global Illumination for Interactive Lighting Design
(PG 2007)
mpeg-file (0.9M)
mpeg-file (4.4M),
mpeg-file (10.8M),
Particle-based Simulation on Surface Flow
(ITE 2007)
mpeg-file (1.3M),
Simulation of the Human Eye Depth of Field
(EG 2007)
mpeg-file (3.1M), mpeg-file (5.0M)
mpeg-file (5.1M), mpeg-file (3.1M)
mpeg-file (3.2M)
PRT for Dynamic Scenes Taking into Account Light Interreflection
(EGSR 2007)
mpeg-file (6.8M)
mpeg-file (7.6M)

Real-Time Rendering of Scenes with Light Scattering Effects
(tvc 2007)
mpeg-file (45.9M)
mpeg-file (11.1M)

Clouds Illuminated by Lightning with Multiple Scattering
(tvc 2007)
mpeg-file (?M)
mpeg-file (?M)
Real-time Haptic Interaction with Fluids
(VRST 2006)
mpeg-file (?M)
mpeg-file (), mpeg-file ()
mpeg-file (), mpeg-file ()
Dynamic Scenes Using Adaptive Shadow Fields
(the Visual Computing 2006)
mpeg-file (14M)
mpeg-file (7M)
mpeg-file (61M)
Visual simulation of earth-scale clouds
(CASA 2006)
mpeg-file (?M)
Rendering of Particle-based Fluid Simulation
mpeg-file (12M)
Point-based Rendering of Water Surfaces/Splashes
mpeg-file (761K)
mpeg-file (853K)
Character animation using hand-drawn sketches
(TVC 2005)
mpeg-file (2.58M)
mpeg-file (0.8M)
mpeg-file (3.1M)
Rendering Transparent Objects and Caustics
(CASA 2005)
mpeg-file (32M)
Real-Time Rendering of Dynamic Scenes
Under Environment Illumination

(CAVW 2005)
mpeg-file (31M)
3D Character from Cel Animation
(CW 2004)
mpeg-file (0.8M)

Radiosity for Point-Sampled Geometry
(Pacific Graphics 2004)
mpeg-file (12M)
other mpeg-files
Glare Based on Wave Optics
(Pacific Graphics 2004)
other mpeg-files
Sky with multiple sacattering
mpeg-file (5.9M)
Spattering Granular Material
Vortex Sound
(EuroGraphics 2004)
mpeg-file (2M)
other mpeg-files
Soap Bubbles with Light Interference
other mpeg-files
Virtual Sandbox
(Pacific Graphics 2003)
mpeg-file (2M)
mpeg-file (5.3M) mpeg-file (1.5M)
foot: mpeg-file (1.2M) mpeg-file (1.2M)
Volcanic Clouds as 2-Fluids Model
(Pacific Graphics 2003)
mpeg-file (5M)
mpeg-file (5M)
Blending Multiple Polygonal Shapes
(Pacific Graphics 2003)
mpeg-file (2.5M)
mpeg-file (2.7M)
Animating Hair with LCP
(Best Paper Award from EG2003)
mpeg-file (0.9M)
mpeg-file (1.6M)
Refractive and Reflective Caustic
mpeg-file (1.5M)
mpeg-file (2.7M)
mpeg-file (9.4M)
Real-time Rendering of Aerodynamic Sound

Marks on Soft Grounds Created by Objects
mpeg-file (2.6M)
mpeg-file (1.0M) mpeg-file (1.0M)
mpeg-file (1.2M)
mpeg-file (5.0M)
Real-Time Glare Rendering
mpeg-file (8.3M)
example-based animations (2003)
mpeg-file (oil, 851KB)
mpeg-file (watercolor, 851KB)
mpeg-file (pen&ink, 994KB)
sea surface with multiple scattering
(Volume Graphics 2003)
mpeg-file (30M)
mpeg-file (?)
mpeg-file (?M)
flying monky (2002)
Model Deformation with
Multiresolution Lattices
mpeg-file (11.8M)
hands with wrinkles
(Pacific Graphics 2002)
mpeg-file (7.8M) mpeg-file (0.1M), mpeg-file (0.1M)
Swimming Dolphin
(Pacific Graphics 2002)
Model Deformation with a Surface
mpeg-file (1.8M)
The earth is blue (2002)
Interractive rendering
mpeg-file (4.2 MB)
Optical effect within water
(Pacific Graphics 2001)
(Pacific Graphics 2001)
mpeg-file (?M)
Cloud Simulation by CML (2001) mpeg-file(1) (6M)
Pen & Ink (2001) mpeg-file
gWalking boxesh(mpeg 5.81MB / small mpeg 1.38MB)
gA wandering skullh(mpeg 6.91MB / small mpeg 2.06MB)
gA perfect(?)stormh(mpeg 15.1MB / small mpeg 6.73MB //
short version mpeg 4.67MB / small mpeg 2.01MB)
Shaft of Light
(Pacific Graphics 2000)
Shape Interpolation(Morphing) (2000) girl; avi-file (8M)
gorilla; avi-file(2.2M)
cartoon; mpeg-file (1.1M)
Smoke Simulation
(Pacific Graphics 2000)
mpeg-file(1) (4.4M)
mpeg-file(2) (4.6M)
Dune Simulation (2000) mpeg-file (36M)
Cloud Simulation
mpeg-file (half)
mpeg-file (full:4.8M)
mpeg-file (large:28M)
Snow Color (1997) mpeg-file1 (4.1M)
mpeg-file2 (1.3M)
The Earth II (1997) mpeg-file (1.1M)
Weather Report (1997) mpeg-file (1M)
Skylight effect (1996) mpeg-file (340k)
The Color of The Sky (1996) mpeg-file (7M)
mpeg-file(sound) (17M)
Cloud Color
mpeg-file for SIGGRAPH96 (4M)
mpeg-file(sound) (8M)
mpeg-file_1 for SIG96-CDROM
mpeg-file_2 for CDROM
Optical Effect within Water
mpeg-file (700k)
mpeg-file(sound) (10M)
Shockwave etc.
Optical Effect above/in Water (HDTV, 1994) mpeg-file(sound) (15M)
The Earth

mpeg-file(sound) (12M)
Rhapsody in Light & Blue (1993) QuickTime-file (3M)
QuickTime-file_2 (3M)
mpeg-file(sound) (15M)
The Morphing (1993) mpeg-file (60k)
mpeg-file (100k)
Water Colors (1992) mpeg-file(sound) (17M)
The Works of A Landscape Painter (1991)
SIGGRAPH91 E.Theater Program
mpeg-file(sound) (10M)
A Passing Shower
QuickTime-file (5M)
QuickTime-file_2 (3.5M)
mpeg-file(sound) (10M)
Scenes at a Street Corner (1989) QuickTime-file_1 (3M)
QuickTime-file_2 (3.4M)
mpeg-file(sound) (6M)
Simulation for a Visual Environment (1989) mpeg-file(sound) (6M)
The Sky (1988) mpeg-file(sound) (4M)
CG Town (1987)
mpeg-file(sound) (4M)
A Visitor on a Foggy Night (1986) mpeg-file(sound) (5M)
Feast of Light (1985)
SIGGRAPH85 E.Theater Program
<- Program
Still Life etude-1 (1984) mpeg-file(sound) (11M)
Interior Light & Shadow (1983) mpeg-file(sound) (10M)
Applications of Computer Aided Vision (1980) mpeg-file(sound) (6M)

jet clouds (1998) mpeg-file (0.3M)
Smoke (1998) mpeg-file (3.5M)
mpeg-file (1.8M)
jet clouds (1998) mpeg-file (0.3M)
clouds (1998) mpeg-file (2.8M)
Volume Rendering (1997) mpeg-file (170k)

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