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Our research topics (from 1971 to 2011)
In the field of Computer Graphics, general research topics are geometric modeling, rendering such as hidden surface removal, shading, and animation. The research topics of our laboratory cover very wide range of these research areas, especially our advanced research topics are realistic rendering such as:
(1) Realistic image synthesis taking into count of various illumination effect (inter-reflection of lights and illumination due to various types of light sources)
(2) Photo-realistic rendering of natural phenomena such as clouds, skylight, water, atmospheric scattering due to particles.
(3) High quality and fast rendering of curved surfaces (parametric surface and metaballs) without polygonization, and shape deformation.
(4) Interactive or real-time rendering of 3D objects or natural phenomena using graphical hardware.
(5) Non-photo realistic rendering such as water painting, oil painting, pen & ink style painting.
(6) Image composition of CG images and photos.

Our research history
Our research includes lighting simulationnatural phenomena, curved surfaceNon-photo realistic renderingmorphing, interactive rendering, and WebGraphics. We also interesting in CG using Java.
We have written 15 SIGGRAPH papers and 18 EUROGRAPHICS papers, some of our resulted images are printed on book cover of Proc. of SIGGRAPH, and some of our movies are screened the SIGGRAPH Electronic Theater. Our papers (or results) are cited by many books.
collaboration with the Electric Machinery Lab. in Hiroshima Univ. (1979-1998),  BYU(1988-1989),  Hokkaido Univ.(1998-)  and some companies..
We have written more than 250 refereed papers.

Our contributions to CG technologies ;
1. illumination model; two-pass shadows(1973), spot light(1982), radiosity(1985), soft shadows due to linear(1982), area(1983), and skylight(1986), diffraction(1990), shafts of light(2000),
2. natural phenomena; atmospheric scattering(1987), clouds(1996,2000), earth(1993), water color(1991), caustics(1994), sky color
3. rendering; montage(1986), raytracing using Bezir clipping(1990), sound rendering(2003)
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Natural Phenomena (1)

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  1. Real-time Rendering of Sky with Multiple Scattering (2004)
  2. Shafts of Light Using a Accelerated Volume Rendering Technique (SIG'00)
  3. Fast Calculation of Sky Light (EG96)
  4. Shading model for sky light (EG'94, EG'93, SIG'86)
  5. earth taking into account atmospheric scattering (SIG'93) (images)
  6.  Highly Realistic Visual Simulation of Outdoor Scene (CGI'90)

  7. Terrain Modeling and Display for Environmental Assessment(SIG'89)
  8. Montage : terrain model (SIG'89, PIXIM'88), The Overlaying of The Computer Generated Image onto a Background Photograph (SIG'86)    (abstract) (images)
  9. Atmosphere Scattering Considering Luminous Intensity Distribution of Light Sources (SIG'87) (images)
  10. Volcanic clouds (PG'03)   (abstract) ,Volcanic Smoke Animation using CML (ICS'02)
  11. Shafts of light through smoke (PG'00,SIG'87), hardware rendering of shafts of light(PG'00)
  12. Smoke Flow (PG'00)
  13. sky color and cloud color taking into account atmospheric scattering (PG'96,CGI'91), clouds with multiple scattering(SIG'96)   (abstract,animation) , (images)
  14. Fast calculation of sky color (PG'96) (images)
  15.  optimal sampling for scattering (SIGa2010)

  17. Anti-Aliased and Real-Time Rendering with Light Scattering (TVC07)
  18. Spattering Granular Material using DEM (2004)
  19. Displaying Marks on Soft Grounds (IIEE'03)
  20. Volcanic Clouds as a Two Fluids Model (PG03)
  21. Display of dunes with wind ripples   (IEICE'03)  (abstract),(PG'00) (abstract)  (images)  
  22. Shading model for Lightning (PG'01) (images)
  23. Display of snow taking into account multiple scattering (EG'97)   (abstract)  (images)
  24. Visual Simulation of Spreading Fire (2005)


Natunal phenomena (2): clouds (16 papers)

  1. Fluid Simulation Using Overlapping Grids (EG08)
  2. Animation of Earth-scale Clouds (CASA06)
  3. Cloud Simulation Using Adaptive Grid Method (2004)
  4. Animate clouds by metaballs (VC'99)
  5. Cloud formation using CML(PG'01) (images)
  6. clouds movement &shaft of lights(SIG'00)
  7. Simulation of Cumuliform Clouds (EG'02) (images)
  8. Modeling and Rendering of Clouds(PG'99) (abstract)
  9. Clouds Generated from Satellite Images  (PG98)
  10. Clouds with Multiple Scattering (SIG96)
  11. Solar Promonence (IIEEJ2011) , Aurola (SCCG2011)

Natunal phenomena (3): Water

  1. point-sampled water surfaces (TVC08)
  2. Particle-based Simulation on Surface Flow  (2007)
  4. Point-based Rendering of Water Surfaces with Splashes (2006)
  5. Real-time Rendering of Particle-based Fluid Simulation (CGI06)
  6. Water color taking into account of multiple scattering ('03) 
  7. Rendering Underwater Optical Effects by Hardware (EG'02) 
  8. Shafts of light & caustics by Hardware (images)
  9. Skylight for Interior Lighting Design (EG94)
  10. Optical effects within water (SIG'94)  (abstract) (images)
  11. Efficient Method for Realistic Animation of Clouds (SIG'00) (images)
  12. Photorealistic Visual SImulation of Water Surfaces(CG&CAD'91)
  13. Color of water taking into account radiative transfer (CG&CAD'91)
  14. Melting (CGF 2010)

Shading Models

  2. PRT for Dynamic Scenes with Light Interreflection (PG07)
  3. Environment Lights for All- Frequency Relighting  (2006)
  4. Rendering Algorithm Using Adaptive Shadow Field (TVC06)
  5. Transparent Objects and Caustics (2005)
  6. Caustics from Refraction by Transparent Objects (2005)
  7. Quick Rendering Method using Basis Functions  (EG05)
  8. Fast Display Method of Sky Color using Basis functions (PG95)
  9. Glare Generation Based on Wave Optics (PG04)
  10. Radiosity for Point-sampled Geometry (PG04)
  11. Light Scattering ('98)
  12. Lighting Design (EG'95)
  13. Lighting Simulation(ACM'93)
  14. radiosity for curved surfaces (EG'93)
  15. Shading models for various types of light sources (or penumbra): curved light source (EG'93), cylindrical sources (CGI'92) (abstract), penumbra due to the sun (CGI'91) ,linear light source (Tog '85) ,spot light, area source (COMPSAC'83), polyhedral source(COMPSAC'83),
  16. A Lighting Model Aiming at Drive Simulators (SIG'90)   (abstract)
  17. Diffraction and bump mapping (SIG'90)   (abstract)
  18. Objects Illuminated by Sky Light(SIG'86)    (abstract) (images) ; (COMPSAC'83) (images)
  19. Radiosity for polyhedra (SIG'85)  (abstract) (images)
  20. Shadows for polyhedra ('73)


  1. Bumpmap Shadows Taking Account of Surface Curvature (CW04)
  2. Rendering Curved Tubular Objects (PG'99) (abstract)
  3.   Fast volume rendering method for 3D scalar field visualization (IEEE'98) (images)
  4. A Display System for Bezier Surfaces and Metaballs (PG'96) (images)
  5. Raytracing of metaballs(EG'94)
  6. Conversion from polygonal data to metaball data (EG94)
  7. Hidden Curve Elimination(CGI'92) (images)
  8. ScanLine Algorithm for Trimmed Bezier Patches (TVC91)
  9. Photorealistic Image Syanthesis (VC'91)
  10. Raytracing for trimmed Bezier surfaces (SIG'90)   (abstract) (images)
  11.  High-Quality Rendering of Parametric Surfaces (CGI'90)
  12.  Reliability of CG Images (CGI'89)
  13.  Dynamic Environment Illumination (PG 2009)


Rendering (2) (1970-1974)

  1. Hidden Curve Elimination of Trimmed Patches (CGI92)
  2. Anti-aliasing using multiple scanlines('84), image composition(CG&A '89) (abstract)
  3. Perspective Depiction of Shaded Time ('83)   (images)
  4.   Hidden line removal for polyhrdra('72) (images)
  5.   Half-Toned Representation of 3D Objects (IP'74)   (images)

Interactive rendering

  1. Real-time Animation of Sand-Water Interaction (PG08)
  2. Anti-Aliased and Real-Time Rendering with Light Scattering (TVC07)
  3. Rendering Algorithm Using Adaptive Shadow Fields (TVC06)
  4. Deferred Shadowing for Real-Time Rendering  (2005)
  5. Real-time Haptic Interaction with Water (2006)
  6. Real-Time Rendering of Vortex Sound (EG04)
  7. Soap Bubbles with Light Interference (CGI04)
  8. Glare Rendering Technique (IIEE'03)
  9. Rendering of Aerodynamic Sound (SIG'03)
  10. Sand box (PG'03)
  11. Marks on Soft Grounds Created by Objects (2003)
  12. Refractive and Reflective Caustics Due to Water Surfacecs (EG'03)(images)
  13. Atmospheric scattering('02) (images)
  14. Interactive Rendering of Atmospheric Effects (2002)
  15. Shafts of Light (PG'00) (images)
  16. Interactive Lighting Design ('98)

2D images/Morphing

  1. Image Magnification (PG'04)  
  2.   Blending Muletiple Polygon (PG'03)
  3. Creating mosaic images (EG'02) (images)
  4. Topological Morphing (CW'02)
  5. Shape Interpolation (SIG'01,PG'00)   (abstract)   (images)
  6. Morphing by Curves and Interpolation (PG'00)
  7. Solution to Vertex Path Problem(SIG'00)
  8. Morphing (PG'93)

NPR; Non-photorearistic rendering

  1. Virtual Painting Knife (CGI08)
  2. Watercolor Style Images (2004), Colored Pencil Style Images (CGI05)
  3. Creating Various Styles of Animations (CGI'03)
  4. Pen & Ink Style (CADG'01) (images)
  5. Brush Stroke using Bezier Functions (CGI93)
  6. Outline Font(scan conversion of curved region (images)

Web Graphics; CG using Java

  1. Autostereograms Taking into Account Object Colors (CW08)
  2. Efficient Mesh Simplification Method (CGI'03) (abstract)
  3. Web Based Training System (ICGG'02)
  4. 3D Graphics and VRML Libraries (IEICE'02)
  5. Multiresolution Streaming Mesh (Web3D'02)
  6. Network-based Walk-through System (IIEE'02)
  7. Adaptive solid texturing for Web3D (PG'02) (images)
  8. jGL(Java CG library)(Web3D'01)
  9. Applets for CG eduacation

Human Body

  1. Animating Hair with Loosely Connected Particles (EG'03)
  2. Modeling Wrinkles on Human Skin (PG'02)
  3. Modeling and Deformation of Human Body Model('99)
  4. Simulating Complex Hairstyles(CGF2010)

Computer Aided Geometric Design: Free-Form Deformation

  1. deformation by using B-spline (VC'02)
  2. deformation by using parametric surface ('02)
  3. deformation by using addaptive latices (CW'02)
  4. Free-form deformation of meta-balls (SNI88)
  5. Conversion from polygonal data to metaball data
  6. Geometric Hermite Approximation of Surface Patch Intersection Curves(CAGD'91)
  7. Curve intersection (CAD'90)
  8. Surface/surface intersection (CAGD'89)
  9. CAD System for Transmission Tower Geometry (IEEE'87)

Computer Animation

  1. Intuitive Path-based Camera Control for Dynamic Scenes  (2007)
  2. Character Animation Creation using Hand-drawn Sketches (TVC05)
  3. 3D Character Model Creation from Cel Animation(CW04)
  4. Animation of Water Droplet Flow(PG'96)
  5. list of our animation

Computational Photograpy

  1. Extracting Depth and Matte Using a Color-Filtered Aperture (SIGasia09)
  2. Human Eye Depth of Field (EG07)
  3. Digital Refocusing from a Single Photograph (PG07)
  4. REAL-TIME Reflection/Refraction on a Per-Vertex Basis (2008)

SIG: SIGGRAPH, CGI: CG International, TVC: The Visual Computing, PG: Pacific Graphics, EG: Eurographics, CAD: Computer Aided Design, CAGD: Computer Aided Geometry Design, CG&A: IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications


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